Professional Development Courses

DGSi offers a series of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses consisting of short workshops. Most courses are jointly delivered by academics and practitioners, both from within Durham University and from elsewhere, and typically include lectures, seminars, group work, interactive roleplays and simulations based on a real or constructed case.

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In 2018 – 2019 DGSi will be delivering the following Professional Development Courses:

Conflict Mediation | Conflict Sensitive Programme Management | Defence Engagement Policies and Strategies | International Negotiation | Peacebuilding and Participation Urban violence – Urban peacebuilding | Transitory Lives: Migration, Research and Advocacy | Conflict Analysis | Field Trip

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In addition to offering set professional development courses, DGSI offers the opportunity of tailor-made workshops for:

  • Organisations about to deploy personnel to conflict zones – including area-specific knowledge provision;
  • Organisations grappling with specific conflict-related problems – such as whether, when or how to conduct negotiations with armed non-state actors;
  • Organisations seeking to develop specific conflict-related skills – such as how to improve conflict sensitivity or develop systematic conflict analysis.

Drawing both on in-house expertise and its global networks, DGSI can offer short courses which are tailored to the needs of the commissioning organisation, whether an NGO, a Ministry or an intergovernmental organisation.

If you would like to request a tailor-made training (minimum participants 7), please contact the MSc programme director []or the DGSi director[]